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WtStats Analytics Script v1.0 – CodeCanyon download free. Nulled Place offer it free because we care you. If any link you found not work please write us. if WtStats Analytics Script v1.0 – CodeCanyon work fine then go to real buyer for purchase it. We offer this for education purpose to test it before buy it.

Download WtStats Analytics Script v1.0 – CodeCanyon

WTStats v3 it’s a PHP script which tracks visitors of the registered websites, displaying the statistics of the visitors, along with charts for comparisons and more.

Count the traffic from a registered website and give details about the following:

Displays the statistics in real-time (auto update)

Top Pages (Shows the most visitated pages)

Top Browsers (Show what browser uses the visitors)

Top Country’s (Show from where the visitors come) (Chart included)

Top Operating System (Show the visitors operating systems)

Top Best referrers (Show wich websites are the best referrers)

Top used resolution (Show’s the resolution of the visitors – e.g. 1280×800)

Top Search engines

The latest 10 visitors (or more) (This mod is based on Mark’s mode but with the ip’s and country’s included in the databse for speed, and another ip render).

The best keywords (Show wich keyword are the most used by the visitors that land on the monitorised website)

Traffic type comparisons: Compares different type of traffic wich was delivered to the website.

Traffic comparisons: Displays comparisons charts and % of the traffic.

Graphs and charts on every statistic page.