Rhythmic Robot Audio SH Studio-KONTAKT

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Rhythmic Robot Audio SH Studio KONTAKT | 2.06 Gb

Massive range of sound-creation potential with classic analogue warmth and scale: 2.6Gb of compressed data across over 2400 samples. Built around Roland’s flagship SH-7 but taken much, much further. Extensive sound-shaping capabilities including 5 oscillators, 4 envelopes, 3 LFOs, switchable Low Pass filter and twin High Pass filters, Pulse Width Modulation, Performance Controls and more.

40 External waveforms bring a range of superb vintage synths into the mix. Over 150 hand-crafted factory patches and the ever-popular Glitch control to make rolling your own as easy as clicking a button! The Roland SH-7 has been the cornerstone of the Rhythmic Robot studio for several years now. We love it for a lot of reasons: the almost modular level of modulation control; the raucous oscillators and slightly insane ‘organ stop’ additive layer; its unpredictably forays into Radiophonics Workshop territory. It’s a little sound sculpting paradise in khaki green and black.

The core sound of SH Studio comes from the SH-7’s two principle oscillators. VCO-1 and VCO-2A offer up the classic analogue waveforms: Triangle, Ramp, Square and Pulse. You can dial up a pulse width of your choice or put the Pulse wave under the control of an LFO for lovely lush pulse width modulation. The samples for VCO-1 and VCO-2A aren’t just duplicates of each other: we actually bothered to sample the SH-7’s two oscillators separately, because there are some lovely (and very analogue) variations between them which you’d miss otherwise. So simply layering a VCO-1 Ramp with a VCO-2A Ramp already gives you a wonderfully warm, rich sound. Each main oscillator has its own LFOs, which offer waveforms from sine to random, and can be assigned to amplitude or pitch independently; and they can be detuned against each other for subtle or extreme wonkiness. VCO-2A also has a coarse tuning control in addition to its main Range knob, so you can get fifths, fourths and other intervals going.


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