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Carousel Creator 19161157

Carousel Creator 19161157

Carousel Creator 19161157

Add-on Files Included jsxbin | Size: 64.4 MB

Works With Mac OSX (64-bit) After Effects CC 2015, Windows (64-bit) After Effects CC 2015, Mac OSX (64-bit) After Effects CC 2014,

Windows (64-bit) After Effects CC 2014, Mac OSX (64-bit) After Effects CS5/CS6/CC, Windows (64-bit) After Effects CS5/CS6/CC

Think about all the times in which you had to show a list of items, services, brands and so to create a carousel for your customers or for yourself.

Yes, the carousel is one of the most requested animations and ,quite frankly, building it is a very annoying, and time consuming task, especially if you have many items to place.

Of course you can customize many aspects of the carousel, for example you can:

Change the distance between items

Bring an item to the front with the magnification option

Add or remove items in the carousel

Choose whether to create a circular or a linear carousel

Change the alignment from horizontal to vertical

Select a different style of items visualization (rotate, front, flip, card revealer)

Rotate the carousel manually or automatically

Set the rotation time and the stop time

Activate the infinite rotation of the carousel

Change the interpolation for the auto animation (from linear to smooth)

Other features:

you can add infinite items

smart comp length adjustment (the length of the comp automatically adjusts according to the rotation and stop times set for each item)

it works with any comp resolution

Note: The script doesn’t create floor reflections (as shown in the video preview examples) but you can achive them with the free plugin: VC reflect. (all instructions in the videotutorial)